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GameAuthorBrief Description
18EUDavid G.D. Hecht 
Set in Europe at a large scale, involves merging minor corporations to form the major corporations.
1826David G.D. Hecht
Set in France and Belgium, has multiple permanent train types and two different goverment merger corporations.
1854Lonny Orgler
Set in Austria, has a separate local map for local railways which eventually move to the main map, tunnels, and unusual capitalization rules.
18VADavid G.D. Hecht
Set in Virginia, contrasts coal trains versus passenger trains.
1846Tom Lehmann
Set in the midwestern United States, scales the number of companies and bank to the number of players, most track builds cost money, and "N of M" trains.
18GLGary Mroczka
Set in the Great Lakes region of the United States, largely based on 1826's rules, but has very different private companies, no destinations, and only one merger corporation.
18MEXMark Derrick
Set in Mexico, a moderate-length game with a single optional merger into the government railroad, minor companies which exchange for shares of certain railroads, and seven non-government corporations.
18ScanDavid G.D. Hecht
Set in Scandinavia, shorter game for 2-4 players which can serve as an introduction to many mechanisms of 18xx games while retaining interest for veteran players.
1850W. R. Dixon
Set in the midwestern US, models railroad development around Chicago. Many of the same rules from 1870 are present (price protection, redeeming/reiussing shares, stock market ledge) with an interesting private mix.
18FLDavid G.D. Hecht
Set in Florida, a simpler and shorter game for 2-4 players which is intended for introducing new players to 18xx games.
1832W. R. Dixon
Set in the southeastern US, models the early wave of consolidation in Southeast railroads by introducing two types of mergers. Many of the same rules from 1850 and 1870 are present as well (price protection, redeeming/reiussing shares, stock market ledge).
1889Yasutaka Ikeda
Set in Shikoku Japan, models the development of railways on the island. Rules are similar to 1830 on a smaller, terrain-heavy map.
1841v2Federico Vellani
Manlio Manzini
Set in Northern Italy, features corporate stock ownership, mergers, and a fierce train rush.
18TNMark Derrick
Set in Tennessee, this game is what 1851 was originally based on but is significantly different. Note especially that it is not possible to play 1851 with these components.
18USDavid G.D. Hecht
Covering all of the United States, a more complicated game with rich strategic options.

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